WEB Cam streaming quality at new application

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WEB Cam streaming quality at new application

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WEB Cam streaming quality at new application

Kindly suggest to ensure WEB Cam streaming quality of minimum 702 / 30 fps, with option of 1080 / 30 fps in the "new" GoTo training browser version. 

With WEB Cam streaming, ensure the sound streaming can be selected without noise suppression from trainer, as it is in desktop version, to be sure web stream of short movies, live events, music etc. can be performed without poor sound quality and sound cut off.



Current browser version do not consistently deliver 720 / 30 fps to participants (never did) even when only the trainer Cam is used and all participants is off their web cams, even with participants having good internet connection, the existing browser version often negotiates a very poor web stream quality supply to participants.

(The desktop version did deliver a tolerable consistent web cam streaming to participants) 

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