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New Contributor

Add the ability to restrict private chats

We would like to request a new feature to be added to GoToTraining.  We need the ability for attendees to chat publicly with anyone, but be restricted and unable to send private chats.  We recently had an incident with one attendee sending inappropriate private messages to another attendee. We don't want to set the chat to Organizers only and lose the public social interaction of the training, but we have no reason for them to need to send private chats to each other.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Add the ability to restrict private chats

Hi @trainer5

While you can set your live Chat GoToTraining options to 'Attendees can Chat with Organizers only' from the Options menu at the top of your GoToTraining control panel, there isn't a way to force Attendees to Chat with All every time.  Sorry about that.