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Attendees not appearing on post-training report

The post-training attendee report did not represent the actual number of people who attended the session. We do not know if people dialed in from a mobile device. One thing we want to know is if somehow sharing a registration link or session link across multiple users will show up only as one attendee.?.?. We asked our clients to all register individually but we are wondering if they somehow shared a single person's login and therefore the session did not identify all the individuals.?.?.

GoTo Manager

Re: Attendees not appearing on post-training report

Hi @MattS5, welcome to the community.


Each join link is unique and linked to the name and email address used to register for the session. We allow a link to be used more than once so that an attendee can switch devices or reconnect to a session if they are disconnected but they should not be shared with others.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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