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Autogenerated Certificates should be easily edited

Hi GTT Community,


I've been running across an issue with our autogenerated GTT certificates for our training attendees. Our courses are usually cover detailed, specific materials and as such, need titles that can get a little lengthy. Because there are only so many textbox areas on the certificate, we have to include the course code, the course title, and number of credits in one section that is often covered by the GTT logo in the center (See below).

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue? I think in an update, GTT should make editing of these certificates an option. Thank you.Certificate screenshot.jpg

GoTo Manager

Re: Autogenerated Certificates should be easily edited

Hi @NEIWPCC, welcome to the community.


We have a pretty solid development schedule currently, but we are hoping to find some time to update certificates. We have a few Community Ideas for certificates posted already, so please be sure to vote for the ones that most interest you.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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