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New Contributor

GTT-Linux Chrome Can't Enter Breakouts

Some of our trainees, when breakouts start, don't get moved into the breakouts. They try to refresh training, but they keep coming back into the main room, and never get put in breakouts.


Other trainees, don't get put in the original breakout group they were assigned, it kicks them out, they have to refresh, and end up in a different group. So one of the groups ends up with 80% of the class, and the other breakout group only has a few people in it.


All agents using exact same Linux Ubuntu Operating system, and are using the web version of GTT. They are all using the same version of Chrome as well.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GTT-Linux Chrome Can't Enter Breakouts

@mrphilipjoel  I apologize for the issues managing Breakout sessions there.  I know we are considering additional enhancements for Linux users, but don't have any updates yet on the timeline.  I'll share your experience with the development team for a review.