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GoTo Desktop Protocol

I'm working on an integration between our product and GoToTraining, which has stopped working because the "gotomeeting://SALaunch?Action=join&MeetingID=123123123&UserID=234234234" format is no longer recognized by the GoTo App. I can see that the app registers a "GoTo Desktop protocol", like "goto://", but I can't find any documentation for this protocol. I've tried using the same "SALaunch?Action...&MeetingID...&UserId" format with "goto://", but that only launches the app and asks for a training ID instead of launching directly into the training as the registered participant.


How can I create a "goto://" link that includes the meeting ID and user ID? We're using the API to register participants on the fly, and we need to use this link to launch the app directly into their training without requiring them to sign up or enter their own information.

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Re: GoTo Desktop Protocol

Hi @afox-intellum, welcome to the community.


These protocols are outside of our API and are subject to change (without notification), which is why they are not documented publicly. I will enquire with the team if it is possible to share the GoTo App protocols with you directly, just note that they may change again in the future.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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