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GoToTraining Custom Welcome Screen

When attendees are waiting for a session to begin, they see a simple black and white screen with audio information. I'd really love the ability to show a trainer profile photo, as well as apply branding such as company colors and a logo.

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Re: GoToTraining Custom Welcome Screen

I'm sorry about that.  At this time, catalogs, materials and registration pages are the only areas that will show your Logos and Branding images.  We are hoping to improve this in the future to also include these custom images on the 'Waiting Room' view as well.

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Re: GoToTraining Custom Welcome Screen

Hi Ash,

When do you think your team will make this features available? is there any in the roadmap?





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Re: GoToTraining Custom Welcome Screen

@Glasshouse  Honestly I have no ETA yet, but we are making major changes to GoToTraining and GoToWebinar next year (2019) so I can't rule out the development then...

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Logos & Branding

Coming from a job where I used GoToWebinar exclusively for training to a new position where I'll be using GoToTraining, I've discovered several major differences.  One of these is that it is impossible to add company logos or organizer images to the waiting page.  This is a feature I really expect when I create a course.   Could you please look into adding this in the settings in GoToTraining when we are in create mode?  Appreciate it!

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Logo/branding on Welcome Screen

Do we yet have the ability to add a logo or branding to the welcome page?

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Re: Logo/branding on Welcome Screen

Hi @galmind ,

Currently GoToTraining does not have that ability, though it is planned for later releases.