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New Contributor

Pre-assign Attendees to GoToTraining Breakout Rooms

You need to add the ability to pre-assign attendees to breakouts. It isn't sufficient to just be able to assign them. We want to be able to curate who will go into what breakout, and with a large group, this is impractical in real time. Preregistration for the meeting + pre-assign breakout sessions, preferably by upload of a CSV....

Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Add break out rooms to GoToWebinar.
Active Contributor

Re: Pre-assign Attendees to GoToTraining Breakout Rooms

Completely agree with this. It's time-consuming and unprofessional for the presenter to have to assign these "on the fly". Grouping attendees prior to the training, then assigning breakouts by group, is essential.