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New Contributor

Recording not saved in My recordings



We had a gototraining session that we started the recording, however, the recording is not available in the my recording reports. There's enough space for the cloud recordings, so it's not a storage issue.

This is the second session when this happens.


I know for sure that the recording was started, I was a participant in the session, from a browser. the orange recording icon was active on the bar.

The trainer stopped the recording before ending the session.


How can I recover that recording? how can I prevent this problem  from happening again?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Recording not saved in My recordings

@qwarie  Occasionally you may see some conversion delays online, and sometimes when cloud recording loses the connection between you and the server it will divert to your local device.  Have you double-checked your own HD for the recording files? 


If the recording is truly missing, please call into Customer Support when you have time so that we may fully document the incident and try to recover the missing event: