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Screen resolution GoTo Training at use browser is poor

When participants are using a browser (example Edge based on chromium) if they are not allowed to install GoTo application, the browser often are instructed to use low resolution (420 or 360p) despite the trainer is streaming at 720p and 30 fps. This happens even if the participants are on a good stable high speed connection. At same session other participants using the GoTo application have no problem with resolution quality even at less favorable net connection, i.e. the GoTo does not or have (or lack of) proper instructions to the browser to enforce minimum 720p. (i.e. same users have no problem with browser resolution on Youtube, while they have  problems  when using GoTo).  Note that some participants are by their own company IT not allowed to install GoTo application, but enforced to use the browser version.

While a GoTo Meeting / Seminar a resolution priority to keep connection for a participant in field/on the move on a mobile is acceptable, it's for professional/proper training/teaching (using GoTo training) another ball game, here we expect/require the trainee are not just on a mobile/small screen or on the move, and such priority mechanism for quality are not acceptable.   

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Re: Screen resolution GoTo Training at use browser is poor

@TrainingRINA  I appreciate all the details. It sounds like they are experiencing this when streaming?  Can you tell me what and how you share videos during your session?



Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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