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Bullhorn Academ
Active Contributor

Re: Unable to Terminate the session for all and very bad support experience

Hey Marco,


thanks for the quick reply!


My trainers are being asked to use Zoom and Teams as this 'new experience' is failing all of the time.


Not only unable to terminate session but Audio issues all the time!


Really disappointing as we have been with Goto for years and years!


Seriously considering ending our contract and just using Zoom....quite frankly the only reason we haven't is Goto Catalogs are useful...but if the new experience is this poor we will have to change to Zoom! 


Oh note to ALL: Don't other trying to call...say in a queue for 10 mins and then it went quite and hung up! 


Terrible service! 


If this I could rate I'm not even sure it would get a star! 


Thank you Marco, though, your quick response is greatly appreciated 🙂