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Upgrade to GoTo Has Caused Some Concerns



In using the upgraded GoToTraining platform, my team and I have noticed a few concerns come up recently when we host live training sessions in GoToTraining.


  • When you launch a poll question, the shared screen view does not show the poll question is actually displayed. We can see the poll question being displayed on our end as the organizer, but when we are sharing our screen with the attendees, the poll does not show up on our shared screen view. So, there is not a way to be absolutely sure that attendees can see the poll, once it is launched.


  • When you end the poll to go back to your content display across two monitors, all of your pop-outs merge to one screen and override your material you already have open and it flusters you because you now have to spend time to re-organize and re-pop-out the frames to make them separate which wastes time during training.


  • As an organizer, when someone sends a private message in the chat to you, you have to click on the chat to actually see what the private message is. Why do we have to click on the chat box to see the message? Why not just display the private message on the organizer's screen, instead of having to click on the chat box?


  • As an organizer, I can’t use the reactions (emojis) in the chat box. Why? I think it would be nice to be able to send reactions inside of the chat box.


  • Ever since the upgrade of the look and feel of GoToTraining, when I launch Encompass (our LOS System), it makes Encompass move slow then it shuts down and I can no longer launch Encompass. This happens about 10 minutes into using Encompass while using GoToTraining.  I do not have this issue when I use GoTo Meeting or GoToWebinar.
GoTo Manager

Re: Upgrade to GoTo Has Caused Some Concerns

Hi @EnvoyLandD, welcome to the community.


Thank you for sharing your feedback and questions on the new GoToTraining experience, I am looking into each of the issues you have raised. For the issue with Encompass can you provide some more details? 

  • Are you using Windows PCs or Macs?
  • What version of the operating system? (Windows 7, 10, Mac OS 12.4?)
  • Is Encompass browser-based or an application running locally on your computer?
  • Could you launch a test training session with your Task or Process Manager open, then launch Encompass a note any processes that becoming unresponsive? (It is odd that it only happens in GTT when the new GTM experience is the same app and screen sharing) 



Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: Upgrade to GoTo Has Caused Some Concerns

Good Morning,


Thank you for reaching out and getting back to me.

We are using Window PCs, and we have Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise.

Encompass is our LOS System, and it is an application running locally on our computers.

I will launch a test training session later this afternoon, and let you know what happens with my Task or Process Manager open.


Thank you again for your help! 😊