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Using Blackmagic ATEM with GTT

Has anyone tried the new Blackmagic ATEM Mini with GTT?  I've been using GTT for two years with logitech webcams, and I want more control over focus, zoom and picture.  The ATEM mini plugs into the thunderbolt port, so I'm wondering how GTT will recognize it.  The ATEM is designed for livestreaming and can handle up to 4 HDMI cameras along with PIP options, so this could be a big enhancement for my GTT sessions.


I'm going to get one for my livestreaming needs on Youtube and Facebook, but I'd love to hear from the community if they have had any success with it.

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I just gave Zoom a serious workout, and the ATEM worked seemlessly.  There's something about the GoTo app that is preventing it from fully recognizing the ATEM.  I can see the ATEM as a webcam option in GTT, but the video doesn't actually play - in the settings screen, I just get a black background with an infinite circling flower.

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In all my forum research, the ATEM Mini will only work with GTW or GTM with a Mac, albeit a potentially cropped image. 
Blackmagic says all they are doing is providing a signal and it is up to the software to accept that. 
Every other service recognizes the ATEM Mini except GTW/GTM.
LogMeIn says it is too "Professional" and say you need to change some settings that most IT teams won't make. 

@AshC  are there any plans for LogMeIn to update the software for GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting to accept what is becoming a wildy popular and powerful piece of equipment? 
Please tell us this is in the works... maybe post-pandemic. 

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Same situation here. Tried to use ATEM Mini as input for GoToMeeting. Latest version of ATEM firmware into latest Windows 10 build running latest GoToMeeting. None of the framerate options give anything but a black screen.


Obviously this is a software issue, as same input displays correctly with OBS, Skype, etc.


Oh, and I am an IT professional and I can't immagine what ports would need to be white-listed for things to work. The ATEM Mini doesn't connect to the host using a network, but a USB cable. Maybe if they tell us what registry tweaks to perform...

Chris Droessler
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PaulDash - Thanks for taking the time to test and report

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Same problem here in Germany.

ATEM Mini works fine with Zoom, BlueJeans, Skype, LifeSize, etc.

When connected to GoTo audio works fine, video not.

I connected Epiphan to GoTo and had no problem.


ATEM Mini works fine with the web-app of GoTo (

It must be a problem in the desktop app of GoTo and should be solved quickly...



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Exploring this a little further in the GTM log files (by default in %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp\LogMeInLogs\gotomeeting\<build>\<session date>), I found a few interesting entries:


i: [g2mvideoconference] <vcw(G2MVideoConferenceThread::startLocalPreview())(0)> VideoEngine::setHighResCapture_() - High resolution capture set to false
i: [g2mvideoconference] <2136> RTC: [114] <date> L1 Info rtc::rve::core VideoSrc.cpp:231 SetMaxResolution SetMaxResolution for Blackmagic Design to: 1280x720


i: [g2mvideoconference] <2355> RTC: [568] <date> L0 DEFAULT rtc::rve::device devicedirectshow.cpp:1175 ERROR: 80004005 (ignored, we only can't set video parameters like contrats, hue, ...)

s: [g2mvideoconference] <2355> RTC: [597] <date> L1 Stat rtc::rve::core Engine.cpp:382 VideoCapDeviceError VideoCapDeviceError - reason=5 device=Blackmagic Design


It seems that they are trying to restrict the H.264 encoder to reduce CPU load by demanding that the camera switch to a 720p resolution. I'm running on a 12-core system so could cope with the encoder down-converting from a 1080p input just to get it to work!


Anybody at LogMeIn can say how to invoke setHighResCapture to set it to True?

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Same here - like Paul is saying - this is a software issue! Not only the Blackmagic Mini is not working, we are also using the Roland VR-4HD, also connected via USB - same issue, input displays correctly with MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, basically in all apps I tested, but not in GoToWebinar, just a black screen, and no option available under "advanced". The stupid part is when using with Google Chrome, it is possible to share the USB-connected ATEM, but I could not get running, webpage opens but nothing happens. Is somebody from LogMein reading this forum? Is somebody working already on a bug-fix - or shall we switch to Zoom?


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OK, it is not a bug, it is a feature, it looks like :-(. When switching the "camera" to a lower resolution, the GoTo-Desktop app is connecting via USB. It looks like GTW/GTT is supporting only a maximum resolution of 1280x720 - a joke in times of 4k cameras and high-speed internet connections. As I could not find information, when high-res cameras will be supported, at least for me it is clear we need a more modern web conferencing solution...


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Georg, when you say <<switching the "camera" to a lower resolution>>, you're not able to achieve this with the ATEM Mini, right?


My temporary solution is to load the ATEM as a source in OBS and use its virtual camera add-in to use the image within GTM. This is of course not optimal due to the number of decode and encode operations that are being performed.

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Yes, having the same issue, tried every shutdown, different cable/port/camera/ reload software/check every bulletinboard I can and I've ended up here with a national presentation tomorrow I was hoping to teleprompt on and use the media in the minipro to do a nice job, and all I want to do is hit the machine (and it's not its fault so I wont). However, as my work pays poundage to use gotowebinar and chose it over others, to say I'm a bit peeved is an understatement. Thank you for at least letting me stop now because there is not many more things (as a matter of fact none) I could think of but I wouldn't have stopped trying. Now I can think fulltime on a solution for teleprompt as I'll ditch the other fancy stuff.