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What is going on with the recording file sizes??

I asked our part-timer to create a spreadsheet of the recordings running up to the rollout of the new interface and HOLY COW. Why are they exponentially bigger?  For example, a 42 minute recording, screen shares, 27 attendees, NO webcams, is 182 MB in size and before the rollout...a 43 minute recording, screen shares, 52 attendees, NO webcams is 42 MB. There is consistent discrepancies among 30 of our recordings before and after the rollout. Seems like this new interface is hogging a lot of resources.

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Re: What is going on with the recording file sizes??


I wasn't made aware of any changes in the recording size, though we did improve the quality of things like webcam feeds, which may explain some of the size difference. 


Can you tell us if these were cloud recordings or just stored locally? 

If these are stored in the cloud, can you click my Community name to send a private message with the recording links? 

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Re: What is going on with the recording file sizes??

Recording file sizes are increasing due to the increasing quality of audio and video recordings. As technology advances, audio and video recordings are becoming more detailed and thus require larger file sizes to store the recordings. Additionally, recording formats such as WAV, MP3, and AAC are now more commonly used, which require larger file sizes than older formats. This is causing the overall recording file sizes to increase.