Admin Center (v5.12.0) Release Notes

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Admin Center (v5.12.0) Release Notes

GoTo Contributor


  • New invitation count for invited users
  • New "GoToMeeting Hub" and "New GoToMeeting Design" feature settings
  • Assigned products for users in Activity report
  • Enhancements to the Administrative Activity History
  • Removal of OpenVoice Integrated
  • Updates to toll-free numbers for China (OpenVoice only)


What's New?


New Invitation Count for Invited Users

  • Admins who invite a user more than once to join their LogMeIn product account will now see the number of times the invitation has been sent to the user, which is displayed in the Status column on the Manage Users page.  When admins resend invitations, the last used Welcome email template will be pre-selected, but can be changed if desired.  Additionally, admins can hover over the Invited (#) to view the date the invitation was last sent.  (EXTERNALADMIN-2687)
    • Note:  The invitation count and most recent invitation template will be tracked after this release; any previous invitation info stored before this release will not be reflected.



New "GoToMeeting Hub" and "New GoToMeeting Design" Feature Settings

  • Admins can enable organizers on their account to use the GoToMeeting Hub (the new look and feel of the post-login page) and the New GoToMeeting desktop app. EXTERNALADMIN-2773)
    • GoToMeeting Hub  Organizers can choose to revert back to the old look and feel from their Settings page. 
    • New GoToMeeting desktop app — If configured by the admin, organizers can choose to revert back to the old look and feel from their Preferences.G2MHub1.png




What's Improved?


Assigned Products for Users in Activity Report

  • Admins now see the assigned products for users when they generate an Activity report.  Previously, only the User Status report included assigned products for users.  (EXTERNALADMIN-2762)


Enhancements to the Administrative Activity History

  • The Administrative Activity History now displays more detailed messaging when specific actions are taken by the admin and the action fails (i.e., updating a User Sync rule, deleting a User Sync rule, and updating a user's email address). (EXTERNALADMIN-2766)


What's Changed?


Removal of OpenVoice Integrated 

  • Accounts enabled with OpenVoice Integrated toll-free audio now see their product name enabled with "Toll-Free Numbers" ("Toll-Free Numbers and Call Me" for GoToMeeting) throughout the Admin Center. Learn more about the Universal Service Fund and Telecom Taxes.  (EXTERNALADMIN-2751)


Updates to Toll-Free Conference Numbers for China (OpenVoice only)

  • For OpenVoice users, the toll-free conference numbers for China have been updated in order to provide the highest quality audio service.  Additionally, these new toll-free conference numbers have been automatically updated for organizers that use Outlook, Google Calendar, and/or the mobile apps for OpenVoice.  The existing numbers will remain available, but users are encouraged to use the new toll-free numbers for China going forward.  Helpful messaging has been provided for these admins informing them of this change.  (EXTERNALADMIN-2776)






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