Launcher Service (v2.48) and GoTo Opener App (b527) Release Notes

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Launcher Service (v2.48) and GoTo Opener App (b527) Release Notes

GoTo Contributor


  • New warning message for insecure redirects
  • Download of GoTo Opener app is no longer blocked (Windows only)


What's New?


New Warning Message for Insecure Redirects

  • If users are redirected from an HTTPS to an HTTP-only location, they now encounter a new warning message informing them that they are being sent to a web address that is not secure.  The user can choose to click Continue Download on the "Download Interrupted" dialog to proceed, or click Cancel and contact their system administrator.   (GTMTWO-22018)

New Warning MessageNotSecureWarning.png


What's Improved?


Download of GoTo Opener App is No Longer Blocked (Windows only)

  • When the GoTo Opener app downloads a new version of a desktop app on a Windows machine – but the verification of the new app fails – the user now encounters an informative message as to why the download was interrupted, and can choose to click Continue Download in order to proceed with the launch process.  Previously, the user was unable to continue launching the desktop app, and could only view the log file for the launch attempt.  (GTMTWO-32428)

Updated Error MessageNewErrorContinue.png


Previous Error MessageOldErrorShowLog.png


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