1.Page in Webinar concerning MODERATOR

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1.Page in Webinar concerning MODERATOR

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1.Page in Webinar concerning MODERATOR


I would like to suggest a change on the first page, you see when you gotowebinar starting the webinar.

You see now :

  • the Organizers name
  • the Moderators name


Better to see in future :

  • the Organizers name


These names are the same, cause the organizer held the PC  in the first time.(may he is the Organizer and PC Organizer, but not the moderator!)

As the Moderator (discussion leader ) in most of the webinars is not the Organizer, here we need to fill in a name for every webinar for the Moderator.

Or simply reduce this first page please, that we can only see the Organizers Name. That would be great!

If you would have the function as a moderator (discussion leader) and you would see at the start of the webinar another name for moderator, it would not give you a good feeling. Thanks for understanding the theme.


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