Ability to edit a registrants information

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Ability to edit a registrants information

Ability to edit a registrants information

The use case:

Our company manually registered attendees for our event as that information was collected in another system (we didn't have time to implement an integration between the systems). When doing the registration process, there were a couple of data entry errors that resulted in the wrong First and Last Name to the email address. We had manual approval enabled. So, should be easy right? We should be able to go into the Pending registration and edit the incorrect data to fix it, before approving it which triggers the system generated "Join Webinar" email.

Nope, the information couldn't be edited. Furthermore, we couldn't delete the mistaken registrant and create a new registration because that email is in the system for that event.

What we had to do was:

1. Approve the registration that had data errors (triggers email to that attendee with their wrong name)

2. Cancel that registration (triggers another email to that attendee)

3. Create a new registration with data corrected and approve it (triggers another email to the attendee...this time with the correct name)


We also emailed the person outside of the system generated emails to let them know what to expect.


Would love to have been able to make that edit up front and prevent the confusion of multiple emails and the blemish of addressing a message to someone w/ their wrong name.