Allow Panelist(s) to See All Questions

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Allow Panelist(s) to See All Questions

Allow Panelist(s) to See All Questions

Not so much a question as a feature request.  (I thought we had a category for that.)

Please add the ability for an organizer to allow a specific
panelist (or all panelists) to view ALL questions.

Currently, must promote them to Organizer, which gives them the power to END the meeting.  I always warn them
when it's necessary to do this. I point out Exit Webinar vs End
Webinar should they need to withdraw from the session.  It has still happened by accident. 

It also gives them too many other powers, like ability to dismiss people.  Mostly it works out okay, until the curious "organizer" starts clicking on options!

David Hunt
Active Contributor
I too would support this request. It would be very useful and sensible.
GoTo Manager
I've switched this to an Idea so it can be considered for a future update.
Frequent Contributor
Thanks. I misread the description and thought this category was more like user tips. Moving too fast today! 
Rich Ambrosio
New Member
i amusing my husbands e-mail account. mine was lost
BKD Webinar
Active Contributor
This idea would be of great help or the option to assign a questions to multiple presenters.  I may not want the presenters to have to weed through attendee technical questions or basic administrative questions, but I may also need more than one presenter to be able to see a question if I don't know who will want to field it.
Frequent Contributor
I do it all the time and know the work arounds but I'd still like to see if that the panelist can see the question box without making them an organizer. I don't like they can start broadcast, launch polling, end webinar for all, only because they were made an organizer. Like I said I know the work arounds but I still would like to put this request out there!
Valued Contributor
Oh, I agree. I also would like them to be able to see the polls on the screen. I understand the complications, but it would be easier if they could see them on the screen, not just in the control panel.
Frequent Contributor
I always give presenters keyboard and mouse control to a second computer I have so they do get to see the polling like the attendees but the presenters don't get to see the percentages as they're rolling in. For our purposes the faculty just seeing the results at the end like the attendees is good enough.
 I'm sure eventually the tool will be so advanced that during the set up you'll be able to select what controls you provide each presenter in case you wanted some to have all admin rights and some just access to the q n a .

Happy Friday to us all!!
I agree strongly with JHB. Giving all presenters and assistants Organizer status just so they can see attendee questions is overkill. I don't want them able to accidentally do organizer-level tasks such as changing people's status, changing event options, or ending the meeting. They just need to see the questions coming from the people they are talking to as a presenter! 
Mary J
New Member
Does the panelist have to own a GoToWebinar account to select them as a co-organizer?