Allow Panelist(s) to See All Questions

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Allow Panelist(s) to See All Questions

Allow Panelist(s) to See All Questions

Not so much a question as a feature request.  (I thought we had a category for that.)

Please add the ability for an organizer to allow a specific
panelist (or all panelists) to view ALL questions.

Currently, must promote them to Organizer, which gives them the power to END the meeting.  I always warn them
when it's necessary to do this. I point out Exit Webinar vs End
Webinar should they need to withdraw from the session.  It has still happened by accident. 

It also gives them too many other powers, like ability to dismiss people.  Mostly it works out okay, until the curious "organizer" starts clicking on options!


I am requesting that this feature be added to GoToWebinar: provide panelist the ability to see all questions and to answer questions. This features was requested back in 2014 and is still needed in 2021. Please make this feature available. 

GoTo Moderator
Status changed to: Reviewed by moderator