Attendee Followup Email after viewing recording

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Attendee Followup Email after viewing recording

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Attendee Followup Email after viewing recording

I recorded a webinar and want to send follow-up emails to people after they view it. I want this to happen automatically, so that viewers get the email as soon as possible while everything is fresh in their mind, plus I don't want to have to be checking the registration list constantly. I do have a life, you know. The rep from support said this was possible but I've tried testing the system several times now and the emails never come. I called support again and got suggestions such as "it must be getting caught behind your firewall." If that were true, I wouldn't get some emails but not others, right? I get all the auto-generated emails about being added as a presenter, etc. So can this product REALLY do this service, or are they falsely claiming it can do it? Any work-arounds? Help, I've already wasted 2 days on this issue.

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Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

After the end of the webinar, after the video has uploaded,

I always go to the My Webinar page,

click Past Webinars,

Click the Manage Recordings associated with that webinar.

Assign the recent recording to the "attendee follow-up email" as well as the "absentee follow-up email."


Since the follow-up email is sent in one hour, I have to patiently wait for the recording to upload, then rush to ensure the recording link goes out with the follow-up emails.  If I miss the one-hour window, then I am out of luck, and the follow-up emails do not contain the recording link.


It would be nice if this was done automatically.