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Bigger Bolder Record Button

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Bigger Bolder Record Button

I'd like to suggest a bigger/bolder record button, or more specifically, a "Recording in Progress" indication. This request isn't about forgetting to hit record at the beginning (I've been burned enough to not typically do this anymore, plus the auto-record feature is nice, but I prefer not to use it*), it's about being able to see that recording is actually in progress. Always, at about the 1-, 3-, or 5-minute point of the webinar, I'll have a panic moment when I can't remember if I hit the button to record. My live webinar is being displayed on a big pull-down screen in a room where my presenters are all together and we can all see the webinar in progress. I'm viewing the screen from 20ft away. Once the webinar is going, the red record button gives no indication its been depressed (for recording) and the only other indication is the small text under the Record button, "Start Recording" or "Stop Recording." If recording is underway, as you know, it says "Stop recording." From the other side of the room, looking at the projection on the big screen, I can't tell if the word is "Stop" or if it's "Start." It would be VERY helpful if the record button had a slow on/off animated "pulse" or a super bright red or maybe a dark/flat red for "not recording" and bright green for "recording," or a timer/clock indicating the length of the recording. In short, I'm asking for an EASY-to-see (from across the room), bold indication that the webinar is, in fact, actively being recorded - some sort of "Recoring in Progress" indication.


Thanks for the help and consideration.


*I do a long pre-roll of slides before the webinar begins and I prefer not to record it

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Oh yeah, of course.  And the mic mute button in GoTo does behave that way. 

Every record button I can think with a light turns red.  
I'm envisioning something like this, maybe not so garish but equally noticeable!

And unengaged button should look like it is not active:





Chris Droessler
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Before I started using the auto-record feature, I would place a sticky note on my computer monitor that said "RECORD."  I allowed myself to move the sticky around on the screen if I needed, but I would not remove the sticky note until I actually hit the record button.