Branded colors on Emails

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Branded colors on Emails

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Branded colors on Emails

The latest update on the  Emails sent from GoTo Webinar such as confirmations and registration does not allow us anymore to adapt the colors to our company colors as before.

Why would there be an update that leaves the customer with fewer  customize options than before. The new structure of the Emails is fine, but we need to be able to adapt the colors to have them CI conform.


Please let us know how to fix this and be able to adjust colors in our Emails again as before.

Altes Layout.PNGNeues Layout.PNG


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Team is aware that branded colors are not available on the GoTo email. A fix should be coming soon. 

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Dear @KateG 

Thank you for the update. As we have multiple up coming web casts it would be great when the team will fix this?



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@Katrin I don't have a timeline yet, but will keep this post updated as I know more. 

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Status changed to: Delivered

This issue should be resolved now.