Chat Ability for All Attendees

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Chat Ability for All Attendees

Chat Ability for All Attendees

Can you have attendees in GoToWebinar talk or text "chat" to each other during a live 500 attendee event??

If you can't - PLEASE - change it so they can. It is terrible that there is no way to have the attendees interact with each other -

We have a weekly webinar on the same day, and same time EVERY week. Our clients like to be able to come to the event and interact with each other - and with the GoToMeeting there is no way to do that.

Only the organizer can see the "Questions" from attendees.

Let us know if there are plans to FIX this, thanks!

Dan Griffith
New Member
I'd be glad to discuss as well. It is super frustrating not to have this feature.
Heidi Tennant
I just hosted a webinar where the presenter assumed attendees could see each other's posts, and it was awkward. How do I accomplish this? Do I have to paste every Question into the Chat box?
Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi Heidi, it is currently not possible for attendees to chat with other attendees; however, organizers/panelists responding to questions do have the option to "Respond to all" when answering to questions, rather than responding privately to the individual asking the question.

Fran Simon
Active Contributor
I work around that by entering in one blank space after every response and clicking "respond to all". It is time-consuming, but I do it. That's one of the reasons I always have someone else working with me as an organizer in every session. I sure wish there was a public chat option like so many of the competing systems have.
GoTo Manager

The main reason chat is not included for GoToWebinar attendees is because you could potentially have a two thousand person audience.  Allowing attendees to chat could violate some privacy rules of certain organizations, and also greatly distract audience members.  We do have Chat available for up to 200 attendees however, with GoToTraining, and 100 attendees with GoToMeeting if you feel that you need this function for your broadcasts to smaller audiences.

Sharon Conley
New Member
how do we use chat with 100 attendees in our gotowebinar?
GoTo Manager

Hi Sharon,
You can send a chat message through the GoToWebinar interface addressed to the entire audience.
Chat its self was designed for staff members, while 'Questions' were designed for attendees to enter them and Organizers to manage this potentially large list in their Attendee Questions pane.


Active Contributor
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Chat Box.

I have a few presenters that LOVE participation during their presentation. Is it possible to make the ChatBox available for all attendees to use and see eachother's response?
Sam Coffman
New Member
After testing about half a dozen different types of webinar and online meeting platforms, I went with Adobeconnect.  I've been using it for over a year now and love it.  Used GoToMeeting both while working for another company for a few years as well as for my own company, but Adobeconnect is far better for a classroom environment.  Webcam, chat, student breakout rooms, whiteboard, PDF & Powerpoint sharing, desktop sharing, multiple presenters, Q & A, Notes, URL sharing, file sharing and on and on.  All pods that can be sized and arranged and saved as a presentation format.  
GoTo Manager
Hi Sam, those features are also available in GoToTraining, along with chat.