Chat Ability for All Attendees

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Chat Ability for All Attendees

Chat Ability for All Attendees

Can you have attendees in GoToWebinar talk or text "chat" to each other during a live 500 attendee event??

If you can't - PLEASE - change it so they can. It is terrible that there is no way to have the attendees interact with each other -

We have a weekly webinar on the same day, and same time EVERY week. Our clients like to be able to come to the event and interact with each other - and with the GoToMeeting there is no way to do that.

Only the organizer can see the "Questions" from attendees.

Let us know if there are plans to FIX this, thanks!


2014-2022, 8 Years and no solution !!!!

New Contributor

This should be prioritized and be available as soon as possible since a lot of customers need it.

Frequent Contributor

But if this is ever put as an option, it must be an option because our group would never use this since we have 500 to 2,000 attendees per webinar and we don't want folks to view who all is on the webinar nor do we want them communicating with others during the education. So, we'd need to be able to disable or turn it off.


New Contributor

Yes, the option must be fully manageable otherwise there is no benefit from it.

Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

It would be rare for us to use this feature.  I can think of many  other wanted features I would prioritize over this one.

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