Chat Ability for All Attendees

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Chat Ability for All Attendees

Chat Ability for All Attendees

Can you have attendees in GoToWebinar talk or text "chat" to each other during a live 500 attendee event??

If you can't - PLEASE - change it so they can. It is terrible that there is no way to have the attendees interact with each other -

We have a weekly webinar on the same day, and same time EVERY week. Our clients like to be able to come to the event and interact with each other - and with the GoToMeeting there is no way to do that.

Only the organizer can see the "Questions" from attendees.

Let us know if there are plans to FIX this, thanks!

Bill Scerra
New Member
Can I add another vote for this feature?
In today's interactive webinars, the participants view the restriction on chat as a presenter issue which reflects on your GoToWebinar users.
As one blogger put it, "if chat is not allowed, I drop out."

It should be an option available to the organizers.
Dave Briggs
New Member
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I would like to be able to open the chat room function up to all participants, ie allowing attendees to send messages as well. This is to enable them to make their own points and have backchannel discussions without interrupting the flow of the presentation.

Is this possible?
Luca Vanin
New Member
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Chat in GTW: a great tool! Why it does not exist? Give us a Real Chat, please!.

I think that blocking "standard" chat among participants is a big limit for Go To Webinar >100.
I think it could be an organizer choice to activate o deactivate it, but it should be present as tool.
What do you think about Chat in big webinar? Would you like to have it?
Traci Bynum
New Member
Super disappointment.  Received notice of upgrade, stated they had been listening to us...  "Chat" is not available!  It is not listed as a feature in GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, or GoToTraining. 
Luca Vanin
New Member
I really do not understand: why chat is cosindered by Citrix a problem for big numbers?
Why it is not included as an option, allowing all the administrators to activate it or not?

Is there any problem to enable it?

New Member
I can't see my attendees chat when they type in the chat box
How do I turn this feature on?
GoTo Manager
Hi Michelle, in a GoToWebinar your attendees use the Question and Answer pane to contact you:
Only the presenter and panelists have the ability to chat.
New Member
Thank you for your help
New Member
How do I find the question and answer pane?
James Ballard
New Member
The use of chat is more necessary in a webinar with a large audience than a meeting with only a few participants. We use both GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar and in smaller meetings it is easy to share the mic and have audio discussion. In a Webinar with many participants, and guest speakers, the need for chat is more pronounced to encourage discussion without interrupting the speaker. We don't use GoToMeeting for webinars because it does not support polls (another key interaction element), registrations, or sharing recordings which are other webinar features. Our current feedback from customers accessing our webinars is that they would like more interaction opportunities which chat would provide - private Q&A is not effective. I'm not sure the use cases proposed match practice.