Chat Ability for All Attendees

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Chat Ability for All Attendees

Chat Ability for All Attendees

Can you have attendees in GoToWebinar talk or text "chat" to each other during a live 500 attendee event??

If you can't - PLEASE - change it so they can. It is terrible that there is no way to have the attendees interact with each other -

We have a weekly webinar on the same day, and same time EVERY week. Our clients like to be able to come to the event and interact with each other - and with the GoToMeeting there is no way to do that.

Only the organizer can see the "Questions" from attendees.

Let us know if there are plans to FIX this, thanks!

Meg Cramer
Active Contributor
Thanks so much! I will send you an email directly to set something up.
Moira Edwards,
New Member
When we have a webinar, we encourage our content leaders to engage the audience. So they may put out a question, and ask for audience responses. Currently, the content leader has to read out the responses coming in. But the attendees are people who may well know each other, they are in the same association. So it's great to see that your colleague in one location has a similar response to you in a different location. It promotes engagement between our members, which is key to offering value as an association.

And we would like them to be able to directly contact each other during the session, to create connections and build their network. The value they get from those relationships they will then attribute to being a member of our association, and thus will be likely to continue membership.
Kim N.
New Member
I agree! It feels so stale and they don't feel like they can truly participate in the content. Our group is spaced out over the western U.S. region and rarely meet face to face, so our focus is to increase their feeling of participation in the group. 
Meg Cramer
Active Contributor
Still looking for a few folks who would be willing to chat more about this topic directly with our developers. Let me know if you are interested!
Active Contributor
I am interested - You can call me at 858-695-1985 or email me at
Jodi Bepler
New Member
I'd be happy to talk with developers. For our company, we are fostering community, so the ability for participants to chat together is a must have feature. We've used other webinar software with this feature, and out engagement levels, and repeat attendee rates are MUCH higher.
Naca Membership
New Member
Call me 202-452-1989 x 105 or email me at
New Member - we love your service but our client wants to switch to another webinar provider ( just because of the chat function) Can you please provide this function asap?
New Member
I'm interested in speaking with the developers. email me.
Active Contributor
I would LOVE to have this feature available without promoting attendees to presenter status (which gives them all controls I don't want them to have). I would also be very interested in talking to anyone from Citrix about this or participating in any research required.

Prior to signing up with GTW, we used another provider, here in Australia and we had the chat facility available for all attendees to interact with each other. The feedback was that our webinars were much more engaging, particularly during webinars that required attendees to respond to other attendees' comments and questions.

I would like to see an option for the organiser to select say 'allow all attendees to use chat' and if this is not selected, then only staff can use the chat as is currently the default.