Clickable Timed Call-to-Action Links for Pre-Recorded Webinars

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Clickable Timed Call-to-Action Links for Pre-Recorded Webinars

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Clickable Timed Call-to-Action Links for Pre-Recorded Webinars

Dear GoToWebinar Team,


I'd like to propose a feature enhancement that I believe would significantly increase the effectiveness of our webinars, and I'm sure many other users would benefit from it as well.


Feature Proposal: Timed Call-to-Action (CTA) Links for Pre-Recorded Webinars


Use Case: Many of us utilize GoToWebinar to present sales pitches, educational content, and other valuable information to our audience. Oftentimes, during these presentations, we want to direct our attendees to a specific action, like signing up for a service, buying a product, or visiting a particular webpage.


For instance, during a 60-minute sales presentation, there might be a segment at the 55-minute mark where the presenter shares a URL for attendees to visit and make a purchase.


The challenge is that not every attendee might remember or note down the URL at that exact moment. Having a clickable link show up in real-time, coinciding with the mention in the presentation, would make it more convenient for attendees and could potentially lead to higher conversion rates.


Proposed Feature Details:


  1. Timed CTA: Within the GoToWebinar dashboard, when uploading or selecting a pre-recorded webinar, users can set specific timestamps where they'd like a CTA/link to appear.

  2. Customizable CTA Text & URL: Users should have the flexibility to customize the text and the URL of the CTA to make it relevant to their content.

  3. Visibility Duration: Provide an option for how long the CTA remains visible. For example, if I set a CTA at the 55-minute mark, I might want it to be visible for the next 5 minutes or until the end of the webinar.

  4. Analytics: Incorporate tracking for how many attendees clicked on the CTA, which can be invaluable data for webinar hosts.

  5. Mobile & Desktop Consistency: Ensure that this feature is seamlessly integrated across both mobile and desktop versions of the viewer interface.

Implementing this feature could greatly enhance the interactivity and conversion rate for many pre-recorded webinars. It would offer presenters an additional layer of engagement with their audiences, making the webinar experience more dynamic and result-driven.


Thank you for considering this suggestion. I believe that this feature would be a valuable addition to the already robust set of tools GoToWebinar provides. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and am more than willing to provide further feedback or details if needed.

Reed Floren

New Member

Looking for strategies for posting hyperlinks during a recorded webcast to things referenced in the session  other than including in a post-event e-mail.

GoTo Moderator
Status changed to: Reviewed by moderator

@reedfloren welcome to the GoTo Community. Thanks for the well thought out idea. I will share this with the team.


Have you tried using QR codes in your recorded webinars? 

GoTo Moderator

@ESmith currently there is no way to insert hyperlinks into recorded webinars. I moved your comment to this recent idea because it's a similar request to have clickable links in recorded presentations.