Customized Registration options for cloud recordings

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Customized Registration options for cloud recordings

Customized Registration options for cloud recordings

Hello, everyone.


We performed several webinars, and for registration we required also to enter a company name (as mandatory parameter).


And now we would like to provide access to videos. And we have three options:


1) We can provide registration link again - people will provide required info (company name) and will get access to a video

2) Direct link to a video

3) Access to vidoes via GoToStage


But am I correct - that if I'll use last two opions - there is no option to configure access rules? I mean, if I need to request a company name from a person, to whom I provide a video, this is impossible, right?


So, my only option will be - access via registration link?


Thanks for a feedback.

Active Contributor

The question I have about providing the registration link again is, is there a way to change the content on the registration page? The video is after the fact; the registration page asks the user to register for an event in the past. Is there a way to change the text to indicate the user is registering for the recording rather than the event?

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I'd really like to adjust the contact details that are needed when somebody wants to watch a recorded webinar. 


I know that when using the original registration link people can 'register' for the webinar (with original registration questions) which will redirect them to the recording. But when using the embed code they can only enter their first and last name and their e-mail address. 


Is there a possibility for me to adjust the fields/questions that people have to fill in when they want to watch the embedded version of the webinar?

Chris Droessler
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No, but great idea.

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Still hoping for this option.