Delete past webinars from the history

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Delete past webinars from the history

Delete past webinars from the history

Hi Team,

Can you help me to remove the test records entry into the GOTOWebinar. I want to delete them into the GTW but not found any correct method?

New Member
I agree! I realy don't understand why we have to discus this issue en that isn't possible yet to delete history if a user wants this! From my point of view it is a principle matter. An organiser is the only person that makes decisions about keeping or deleting historical content! No-one else.
aaron quinn
Active Contributor

Please please bring this feature in. Surely this should be a standard feature. My past webinar listing is a mess.  

Charissa Rentie
New Member
Any news? I really want to get rid of all my test webinars.
Retired GoTo Contributor

Not yet, Charissa--- but I have changed this thread to an 'Idea' so it can be categorized appropriately.

New Member
Is there a target date for when this will be ready? Is it possible to send a list of webinars to delete from our history by the support staff?

Vicki Auditore
Active Contributor
I created a "copy" webinar - just so I could have access to the follow-up email text (you can't open a follow-up email that has already been sent - even just to copy the text) - Then I forgot to delete the "fake" copy webinar... and it rolled over into my history GRRR.  It's not a big deal I guess - but sure would be nice to be able to delete a webinar from history - especially if there are no registrants (as some other folks mentioned in this string.)  Thanks - 
Angela Doorn
Active Contributor
I'm in the same situation.  Would like to get rid of my test webinars.  Any updates?  Thank you!
Bruno Gir
New Member
Me too, i tried many differents things during my practice and I really want them to be deleted.

Thank you in advance!
Regular Visitor


We have the same wish, i.e. to be able to delete past webinars.

Right now, e.g. webinar insights is of no real use to us, as our test webinars and webinars that I create for dry-runs show up in between the "real" webinars.

Kind regards,

Mai Britt

New Member


I was wondering how, and if it's possible to delete your webinar history? Does anybody know if this is possible? Thanks in advance,


Joost Bakker