Delete past webinars from the history

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Delete past webinars from the history

Delete past webinars from the history

Hi Team,

Can you help me to remove the test records entry into the GOTOWebinar. I want to delete them into the GTW but not found any correct method?

New Member
The ability to delete webinar history data would be beneficial for our organization. We currently integrate our GTW account with our salesforce enterprise solution. While pulling the session data in to SF is largely beneficial, we find that there are some erroneous / throwaway sessions that get pulled in to SF that we have no need for. While we can remove that campaign data as an admin within salesforce, when the data gets pushed again it includes that unwanted data set. This becomes annoying as it clutters our dashboard. It seems that there should be an option to delete webinar history data.
GoTo Manager

You cannot manually delete webinars from your GoToWebinar history. However as we keep a rolling history they will eventually be removed.
Webinars @ Roff
New Member
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Deleting Old Webinars and their details.

How do I delete old webinars and their information? I don't want new 'Organisers' to have access to old webinar details, especially attendees.
Tani Mei
New Member
As we find the 'Practice' feature doesn't work very well we run small but real 'practice' webinars and they do clog up our webinar history page.
Mario Roset
New Member
Hi, we need help on this too. We are integrating GTW with other platform and really need to backup and then remove the history. Can you help us?
New Member
We need help on this also - why don't the past webinars drop off out of the history as they're completed or passed date?
Betsy Graham
Active Contributor

Would be a nice feature addition to be able to delete old/practice sessions--with a nice big warning msg. first: "Are you sure you want to delete this?". Better yet, prompt users to delete past sessions that have 0 attendees.

Suresh Agrawal
New Member

During trial or learning mode we try holding webinars for few minutes and it ends up in Webinar History.  It would be nice to be able to clean up these pseudo webinars to keep a clean history of actually conducted webinars.

Joe Cox
New Member
Hi Suresh-

Thanks for the feedback.  In future releases we plan on adding the ability for you to edit and remove completed webinars.

Best regards,

Joe Cox
Product Manager, GoToWebinar
New Member
How do I remove past webinar details from the prefill area? When we create a new webinar we use a past session to get all the settings. As time goes on we have a huge number of these and it is becoming difficult to work out whcih webinar we want to use for the settings.

Can we "clean" these out? And can we choose which ones we want to be able to select from?

Every time we run a session (and we run up to 10 per week) another one is added.