Delete past webinars from the history

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Delete past webinars from the history

Delete past webinars from the history

Hi Team,

Can you help me to remove the test records entry into the GOTOWebinar. I want to delete them into the GTW but not found any correct method?

Heather Salovin
New Member
This would be a really nice feature! We have our G2W account integrated with our marketing automation platform and are constantly having to sort through hundreds of old webinars.
Peter Piazza
New Member
Your response to the question regarding deletion of past webinars is that it cannot be done.  I have test webinars that I do not want to be visible anymore.  How can I get them removed, can your tech support help?
GoTo Manager

Hi Peter,

I'm not aware of any way to manually delete webinars from an accounts history, but if you would like to DM me the webinar IDs and your account information I will look into it for you.

Heather Garnsey
New Member
Agree this would be a really useful feature if we could delete past webinars - our history is clogged up with test sessions we no longer need and webinars we don't need to offer any longer. 
GoTo Manager

As a feature it's already on the backlog, I know that much.

Reinout Bolweg
New Member
Hi all, any news on this feature and when it will be promoted from backlog to production?

We are having the same issue: many test webinars which I really would like to just throw away.

Hope to hear from you!

Inês Pimentel
New Member
We would also like to have the ability to delete some past webinars which were actually just test sessions. Let me know whenever this is possible.
New Member


Sorry to dig out this thread but 2 years after the initial post it seems there is no progress on this request. Can you update Citrix's position please ?

Kind regards,

Derek G
Active Contributor
Just to add my support for the (surely simple to implement?) requirement to delete past webinars.   I have run many "Webinar Now's"  - for testing purposes - they are cluttering up the list.    

It implementing this is problematic from an engineering point of view then - as a stop-gap solution - maybe a delete button would just hide unwanted webinars.
Alessandro Plac
New Member
Come on guys! We are waiting for this feature