Eliminate Labels From Priority Flags on Questions

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Eliminate Labels From Priority Flags on Questions

Eliminate Labels From Priority Flags on Questions

This is an enhancement request to change functionality of the Priority Flag when applied to attendee questions.

Summary: Priority flags should only have colors - no text labels.

Benefit: Eliminates confusion and makes usage more flexible for different use cases.

Detail: If you right click a submitted question in GoToWebinar, you can change its priority. You are presented with three choices that show you a colored flag and an explanatory label: Green Flag - "Low Priority", Yellow Flag - "Medium Priority", Red Flag - "High Priority"

I often use the priority feature when moderating an event with other presenters to let them signal me which questions I should ask out loud on the air and which should be avoided. The text and colors conflict in these cases. People tend to think of Red meaning "Stop" or "No" and Green meaning "Go Ahead." But that doesn't match the labels that seem to indicate Red as "High Priority to Ask".

If you remove your interpretations of the flags in text, then each user team can use the flags as they see fit - To indicate who is responsible, to indicate priority, or to indicate ask/don't ask status. It makes them more powerful and flexible.