End a webinar for attendees, but organizers and panelists remain logged in.

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End a webinar for attendees, but organizers and panelists remain logged in.

End a webinar for attendees, but organizers and panelists remain logged in.

we often have webinars with speakers in a remote location and it would be useful to be able to have a chat with them after the webinar has finished to discuss any issues and thank them for participating, but when we select "end webinar" it ends for everyone, so the presenter is cutoff too. Is there any way to end the webinar for the attendees but for the organisers and presenters to remain logged in?

P&G Webinars
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We would love this functionality. We have guests for our webinars and it's awkward to end the webinar and not be able to debrief afterwards without having everyone call back into a separate conference call. How do we recommend this so that it can happen? Am I wrong in assuming this would be a relatively easy function to add?
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Hi - Is there away to go back into a panelist and organizer-only conversation after the broadcast ends? Organizers would like to be able to thank panelists after the fact, currently when I end the broadcast it ends the webinar for everyone, is there a work-around?
GoTo Manager

Hi John,

I'm sorry no currently, once the broadcast has started it is not possible to switch back into a staff only call. Once you end the webinar you could launch a GoToMeeting the the webinar staff could join.

Derek G
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Product Request:   It would be very helpful if - at end of webinar I could "end broadcast" and return to practice mode with the panelists.  This would allow a post-webinar debriefing discussion.    Current arrangement is very harsh (verging on rude) and abrupt end of discussion with the (in my case remote/overseas ) panelist 

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Bump, would really get a lot of use out of this functionality... 

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A feature like this would be great to have. We currently use GTW for board meetings that are open to the public. This allows us to promote or allow attendees to speak during public comment and then place them back on a hard mute. However, when it comes time for a closed session, we have to have all our board members disconnect from GTW  and jump on a GTM where we can see who is exactly in the GTM and lock it down. After the GTM everybody has to jump back on the GTW to report out. Pretty cumbersome stuff, GTW -> GTM -> GTW. 2 sets of invites for panelist to manage. 


It would be great to be able to dismiss all attendees, even those on the phone, to a waiting room so the panelist, organizer and co-organizers can conduct a meeting in private and then allow attendees back into the webinar when the private meeting is over.  We would pay for this feature!

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After the end of the webinar select if it wants to end only for the participants or for all.

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Is there a way to end the webinar for attendees but leave it open for staff so that the organisers and panellists can have a short debrief afterwards? If so, what do I need to do to make that happen? Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.

Chris Droessler
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No, unless you want to kick the Attendees out of the webinar one at a time.  Even if you do that, anyone who has connected to the webinar with only a telephone will still be there, and you won't know it.