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GoToWebinar Salesforce Integration

GoToWebinar Salesforce Integration

Anyone have success integrating these?

Looking for way to automatically create Salesforce campaigns for each webinar and upsert registrants as Leads/Contacts.

Seems this was offered in past based on app exchange listing below that appear to no longer be supported since around 2013. Third party solutions (I.e Zapier) don’t offer this and any workaround still requires person to manually create new processes for each webinar event. We do several webinars a month and looking to automate.


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Hi Ken,

Thanks for your interest.


SalesForce Pardot integration info can be found here:


And Zapier updates can also be found here:


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Thanks AshC... Sounds like neither of those compare well to the legacy integration between Salesforce and GoToWebinar. The link in my original post was to highlight past support by GoToWebinar (Citrix) to provide functionality I'm looking for. It has since gone unsupported based on reviews and de-listing of the app.


To your suggestions, here's what I found:

Salesforce Pardot- Doesn't create campaigns automatically. Pushes data to Pardot but stops at providing any real reporting metrics unless Pardot admin creates automation rules to place each campaign member in with respective status (e.g. registered, attendeed). All of which is too tideous for a high volume webinar series.


Zapier integration - Has VERY significant limits working with GoToWebinar. Specifically in how zaps need to be cloned and edited for each webinar and does not go back in time to pull historical data. Thus workflow management is poor as Webinar creater needs to immediately create zaps whenever he/she creates events in GoToWebinar. With this comes high risk of Zapier user misconguring workflows.  They have a page dedicated for common problems, which explain same issue and more:





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