Hiding attendee list from panellist

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Hiding attendee list from panellist

Hiding attendee list from panellist

Is there any way to hide attendee list from panellist in GoToWebinar?

David Teter
New Member
I don't want attendees to see the attendee list but I want my panelist to.
GoTo Manager
Hi David,

That option only shows or hides the attendee list for the attendees, your Panelists will always be able to view the list.
New Member

Hello! Are there options for limiting what presenters can see on their control panel?


For example, we want to explore ways to keep presenters from seeing how many attendees are on the webinar call. All other features are okay to remain, but in the case there are very few attendees, we want to be able hide that option from the presenters. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Retired GoTo Contributor

@EmKVang  I'm sorry there is no way to restrict the staff member's view of the audience at this time.  I'll go ahead and move this into the Community Ideas section for future considerations.

GoTo Moderator
Status changed to: Reviewed by moderator