Hybrid Webinar Recommendation

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Hybrid Webinar Recommendation

Hybrid Webinar Recommendation



Create a webinar platform that is a combination of a Classic & Simulated Live webinar. 


This would be in 3 parts:

1) Live - host to introduce the webinar,  expectations, etc.

2) Play pre-recorded webinar

3) Live - time for questions, and closing of the webinar



I believe that this would be a great addition to the current offerings.  Thank you for your consideration.

Webinar Chick


I agree with your hybrid webinar idea. I thought that using "Video Share" would give that hybrid experience. My goal is to do it just as you outlined. 


My challenge right now with video share is that the video doesn't always project the same for the audience. If folks come in late or leave and come back, the video starts over - at least, that was my experience yesterday. 



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