Introducing Registrant.Left and Webinar.Ended Webhook Events

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Introducing Registrant.Left and Webinar.Ended Webhook Events

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Introducing Registrant.Left and Webinar.Ended Webhook Events

I'm excited to share an idea that could significantly enhance our experience on the Goto Webinar platform. Currently, we don't have access to two crucial webhook events: registrant.left and webinar.ended


1. Registrant.Left Webhook Event:

This event would provide real-time notifications when a registrant leaves a webinar before its completion.
Use case: Understand audience engagement and identify reasons for drop-offs, enabling targeted follow-ups.

2. Webinar.Ended Webhook Event:

This event would trigger when a webinar concludes, providing instant feedback on the session's completion.
Use case: Streamline post-webinar activities, gather attendance data promptly, and automate post-event communications.

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I'm currently working on integrating GotoWebinar API into a system and I find it very strange that there does not seem to be a webhook event for when a registrant unregisters from a webinar. All I could find wre these events "registrant.added, registrant.joined, webinar.created, webinar.changed" which are completely useless in the context of a full integration. Having an event like "registrant.left" or "registrant.canceled" would be very basic and essential.  As of right now if a user registers to an event and then cancels it from the email, I have no way to track that event and update my database accordingly. Do your fkn job Gotowebinar, add some proper events, it's not that fkn hard since you've come a long way. I'm super frustrated as it makes my integration look like a half-assed job.

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@Isaac03 thanks for your idea, we will be sharing it with the team in the new year. 


@KateG That's fantastic news! I'm so excited to hear that you'll be sharing my idea with the team. Thank you for considering it and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the new year.