Launch a survey after a recording

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Launch a survey after a recording

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Launch a survey after a recording

About a year ago you said that you would consider adding the ability to attach an automatic survey when someone views a recording.
There have been a lot of enhancements recently - has this been looked at yet?

GoTo Manager
Hi Elinor!
Since that time, we have released a new Beta feature called Simulated Live, where you can schedule full webinar events with a registration and follow ups, based on a recording of a previous GoToWebinar session:

Test it out, and let us know what you think?

Valued Contributor
I don't think this answered the question. I believe Elinor asked if GTW is looking into making it possible for viewers of recordings to complete the surveys of recorded webinars. These are two different issues. The topic relates to the issue of using the URL for the survey as discussed in the post about problems with the survey links.
Elinor Grant1
Active Contributor

Thanks for the  comments above.

Our team are looking at the simulated webinar - but we still have need of a recording so that attendees can look at the information with the ability to pause. It would help to be able to have a survey pop up after the recording. Is there any progress?
GoTo Manager
Hi Elinor,
I'm afraid regularly uploaded recordings do not have the ability to launch surveys at this time.

Cheryl Makaro
New Member
I too was looking for this feature today. Can we send the link out to people that view the recording ?
GoTo Manager
I'm sorry, Cheryl -- GoToWebinar Attendee surveys each have a different attendee reference tied to them for reporting purposes.  We do not currently offer a standalone survey link to be clicked on demand.

New Contributor
I am also looking for this capability...
GoTo Moderator
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