Limiting Recording to only approved registrants

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Limiting Recording to only approved registrants

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Limiting Recording to only approved registrants

There is the ability to approve/deny registrants for live webinars.  Why would there not be that ability for the recording?  Somehow folks are finding our recording, registering and then watching them.  We get notice that they have registered to watch them but no ability to restrict that.  Our webinars are for members only.  Non-members have to pay.  This is very concerning.

GoTo Moderator

Hi Karen,

There are a couple of ways you can make GoToWebinar recordings available to your audience:


  1. If you only utilize the 'share' links available in the My Recordings section, these are not customizable at this time.
  2. If you utilize the scheduled GoToWebinar post-webinar event itself:
    1. Click Edit next to Registration Settings
    2. Click on the Registration tab
    3. Scroll to the Recording section
    4. Check the box that says After the webinar ends new registrants view a recording
    5. Click Save
    6. Clicking the original GoToWebinar registration link used to invite participants will now lead to the customized registration page and feed directly into your Registrant List for approval, denial, or just tracking purposes.


Karen Yetter
New Contributor

Thank you for answering.  However, I don't want everyone who registers to be able to see the recording.  I want to be able to approve the recording just like I do the live webinar.

GoTo Moderator

Sorry about that, Karen.  GoToWebinar recordings don't currently have any security-specific options to them at all.  When you publish them online, making the registration pages available to Attendees, there is not a process to filter or screen their information before allowing them to see the recording.  Follow-up recording links also do not have any security if they are shared with others.