Paypal payment integration

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Paypal payment integration

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Paypal payment integration

On the German market credit cards are less popular as Paypal is. We are missing an Paypal integration in the registration process. We receive a lot of request regarding Paypal from potential attendees. Is there a roadmap to integrate Paypal?

GoTo Moderator
Status changed to: Investigating

@Soenke thanks for sharing your idea here in the GoTo Community. I will follow up with the team. In the meantime, others can kudo and comment. 

New Member

Hi There, has something happened since then? We do would prefer more payment options as well. Stripe does offer all different payment options, so it is not quite understandable why we can not use them via GoToWebinar? Looking forward to your feedback.

GoTo Manager

Hi @Mary24, "PayPal on Stripe is not currently available for SaaS platforms with connected accounts."