RTMP streaming capability

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RTMP streaming capability

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RTMP streaming capability

Just wanted to know in general if it is possible to RTMP stream to a  Go To Webinar. Using the RTMP stream as the video source instead of a virtual camera or NDI output.  I have read some articles about streming to other services like facebook live and youtube. Wondering if it's possible to do this for Go To Meeting in general?


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@scottspeights  I'm sorry we don't have support for this yet.  I'll move the thread into the GoTo 'Ideas' section for user review. 

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I would love to see this added.  We have been using Restream studio for generating nice webinars.  It has better production capabilities.  But, restream does not have the scheduling and other features that GoToWebinar could provide.  I would even be happy if it's all/none.  i.e. the inbound RTMP is the only outbound stream from GoToWebinar.   It would be a great match!