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Remove Organizer Suggestions

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Remove Organizer Suggestions

It would be great to have the ability to remove names/emails that are automatically displayed as suggestions when attempting to select an organizer.   When you begin to type a name to search by, the program automatically provides a list of previous organizers to select from.  If those organizers should not be selected anymore, we should have the ability to remove them from the suggestions list. 


This occurs when an external party is added as an organizer by manually typing in their info to give them access to the webinar.  Once their info is entered, it is retained.  It can cause confusion when setting up other webinars later.  For example, the external party that was set up for a specific webinar name was Joseph.   When I set up another webinar later and type in Joseph for one of our actual licensed users, it gives the other Joseph's info as an option for selection as well.   Can you look into doing something about this to help with people not paying attention to which "Joseph" they have selected?  

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Thanks for the full explanation @Shalecia 

I think this suggestion makes a lot of sense, and will bring it up with the product team. 


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