Resend Virtual Event Confirmations

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Resend Virtual Event Confirmations

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Resend Virtual Event Confirmations

We've been playing around with a new Virtual Events feature and were wondering if there is an option to send reminder emails and customize the content?

Also, we were wondering if there is an option to re-send personalised login links to attendees? 

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@oliverkinross   Reminder emails should be built into Virtual Events like the other webinar schedule types.   Template functionality for these will be coming in the future. 


I haven't heard yet about the ability to resend confirmations, but I will update this thread when I know more. 

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@oliverkinross  I think this would be a nice improvement, though it is not currently available to resend confirmation emails.  

Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

It's actually easy to resend a personal confirmation email.

Select the webinar in the Dashboard.

When you are looking at the details of that webinar, click on the aqua colored square that shows how many people have registered for the webinar.

Find the person in the list and check the box next to their name. Then click the Resend Confirmation Email button.

You can check multiple check boxes to send to multiple people, or you can click the check box at the very top (in the header row) to select all of the registrants to send the email to everyone.


I just noticed that you are talking about Virtual Events. Are they different in the dashboard than regular webinars?