Resize or enlarge the webcam video next to slides in recording.

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Resize or enlarge the webcam video next to slides in recording.

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Resize or enlarge the webcam video next to slides in recording.

When we record the webcam during a presentation, in the replay the recording appears tiny but the slides are huge. Is there a way to make the video larger in the replay?

Vicki Auditore
Active Contributor
Think this is the default - this is actually an improvement... The webcam did not used to be included at all in the recordings. 🙂
GoTo Manager
Hi Kim,

Vicki is correct, currently for the online recordings the screen sharing presentation is given priority over the webcams, when both are being shared. As it is a recording and not a live feed, it is not possible to resize the webcam window, currently.

Peter Collins1
New Member
Can someone please make a request to allow the webcam size to be adjusted (larger) in the replay? I agree that the webcams are too small.
GoTo Manager
No problem, Peter!
Thanks for your input!  In my experience, if you are recording webcams with the Online Recording tool, and you STOP screen sharing, the webcam view in the recording should enlarge.  Hopefully that helps!

New Member
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Is it possible to alter the size of the webcam frame in recordings?

Our recording has a large sized window for the screenshare, with the webcam feed comically small.

Thanks very much
New Contributor
This is not helpful with our training. We run a PowerPoint presentation that has to be visible the entire time. All sessions have to be recorded for absentees. Currently, it's extremely difficult to see the presenter in the tiny webcam window on the recording. Is there a solution in the works for GoToTraining?
New Member
I agree! Having the options to enlarge webcams and overlay webcam on top of slide would be awesome.
Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

I outlined a solution here in this similar discussion, but the results might be a jumpy webcam.  It allows you to size the two windows throughout the webinar, so you can place the emphasis on the webcam or the PowerPoint when you need to.


GoTo Moderator
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