Scheduled webinars report.

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Scheduled webinars report.

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Scheduled webinars report.

How can i get a list of all my scheduled webinars in the future with the Attendees registration URL ? Is there any excel Report i can create ? So far the Report section is missing this.....

Roberto Duccesc
New Member
When i need to report to management more than 40 webinars in 3 months, i have to do a lot of copy paste work.......
I am sure you understand what i mean.
Thanks for listening.
Ria Latch
New Member

It would be nice to have a "Scheduled Webinars Report" for GoToWebinar as this option is currently not available in admin panel. It is quite frustrating to run a webinar report as you have to filter through a long list for just a few webinars. 

New Member

I totally need this but across all accounts.  We have a main admin account and would like to see everything registered underneath at all levels so we can report on them effectively and make sure there isn't duplication of effort.

Active Contributor

I need it too.  I could swear it existed once upon a time.