See which attendees download handouts and materials?

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See which attendees download handouts and materials?

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See which attendees download handouts and materials?

Is there a way to determine which attendees downloaded which handouts during the webinar?

GoTo Manager
Hi Michele,

Currently we do not capture and report on handouts  downloads, but it is something we plan to add in a future update.
Michele Morrill
New Member
Thanks Glenn. Looking forward to that update.
Erica Nathanson
New Contributor

It would be great if we could track who downloads handouts we attach to webinars. That should show in one of the reports. That would indicate a "warmer" lead to our salespeople who follow up with webinar attendees.

Sanna Jylänki
New Member
Nice idea!
New Member

Would be helpful to know who is downloading which handouts.

Melanie Labrie
New Member
Glenn, is there an update to this feature request?
GoTo Moderator

No updates for Handouts Reports yet, but we'll update the Community as new information is released.

rohan smith
Active Contributor
Looking forward to seeing this obvious reporting gap filled. Thanks for the update Ash
Melanie Labrie
New Member
Thanks for the update! We too are looking forward to this feature. 
New Member

What's the timing on the 'Handouts' reporting feature? If we're unable to add a link to report downloads, data should be included in the other reports.