Series with different titles

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Series with different titles

Series with different titles

Hi, I am wanting to setup a series of recurring webinars but each will have a different topic/title. Is it possible to be able to send out a single link to potential attendees and then have them select/register for the sessions that are of interest to them?

Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi Kylee,
While it is possible to create recurring GoToWebinar schedules for different or the same group of attendees (sequence vs. series), it is not possible to name each event separately.  With these recurring webinars, registrants either register once to attend all events in the sequence, or register for only the date/time that they are available for.

In your case, you would need to schedule each webinar separately (different titles for each), and then post all the different registration links in an email communication, or perhaps on one of your company web pages for registrants to choose from.

Vicki Auditore
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I've wanted to do this for the past couple of years, and requested same on this forum... this seems like something that should be added to the developer "wish list" - My request was not necessarily that they would pick and choose from the list... but they would still sign up for all in the series, but each in the series would have a unique name/topic. 
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if Skype can do this and Zoom can do this, why cant GotoWebinar do this? seems like people have been asking for this for ages now

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This is currently available using Virtual Events