Shared content library to re-use Polls, Surveys, Videos and Branding

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Shared content library to re-use Polls, Surveys, Videos and Branding

Shared content library to re-use Polls, Surveys, Videos and Branding

I wish ALL stuff with go to webinar was a "library" feature - logos for branding, survey questions, poll questions, handouts... etc. It is annoying to have to reinvent the wheel each time - or try to remember to "clone" the appropriate webinar so all the stuff copies over. It would be nice to be able to pick from a menu of stuff in your account. 

Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Handouts for all Sessions in a Webinar.

Retired GoTo Contributor

@myers  I'm sorry GoToWebinar does not yet have the ability for shared library or catalogue of Polls, Surveys, or Registration questions.  This is a feature request that I'll move over to the 'Ideas' section of the GoToWebinar Community.

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I have a lot of webinars that I want to attach the same survey to for all of them.  is there a way to save the survey or do I have to recreate the same survey over and over again?

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@Carisaf  I'm sorry, this capability is not yet available for scheduling webinars. 

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Looking forward to this feature getting implemented. We do 30 or so webinars per year, and having to hand-enter the colors, logos, and surveys over and over is definitely a hassle.

Webinar Studio

@ARothman While the library would be a welcome enhancement (especially for polls), if you are reusing the same colors, logos and surveys, I suggest creating a 'template' webinar that you create all others from.  We run hundreds of sessions a year and have a template webinar for each kind (roughly 3).  When I new session is needed, we copy it from the template and everything is ready to go - just update the title and description.


The template sessions are always set for a date months outs and we keep pushing the date out so the template is always there at the end of the scheduled webinars.  Works well for us but a library would bring more ease and options - so add my vote to the list!

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