Show more than 5 Videos for a Webinar?

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Show more than 5 Videos for a Webinar?

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Show more than 5 Videos for a Webinar?

Is it possible to show more than 5 videos during a webinar? I have several short videos I would like to playback during the webinar but it looks like there is a limit. I could stitch several of them together and pause but I'd rather not do that if I don't have to.


Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Unfortunately the current limit is five.


You could stitch a few together. I have done that.


Pausing might be tricky. I have never tried pausing the video playback during a webinar.  Know that everyone is seeing the video at a slight time offset, since they are all seeing the video from the cloud, not directly from your computer.  When you press Play, a signal is sent to the cloud to play the same video on all Participant's screens.


I often set up extra computers to see the Attendee view, and often the Attendees are farther along in the video than the computer on which I am running the webinar.  One time my video started about 5 minutes after I saw the video start on another computer.


What this means is that when you pause, everyone could be within a minute or two of the video when it pauses.  This means when it stops and starts, the Attendees may be up to a minute behind where you are or up to a minute ahead of where you are.


A workaround has been discussed here, but requires a small video switcher and another computer.  You play the videos from one computer, run them through a video switcher/converter, and into the computer you are running the webinar.  You can run all the videos you want and everyone will see them at the same time.  See here: 

New Member
Hi im searching how to add more than 5 videos m, can i put them in youtube or someone knows any trick?
Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

You can use an ATEM Mini or similar device to take the output of a second computer (that will be playing the videos) and convert that signal to a webcam signal that is sent to the computer that is sending a webcam signal to the GoToWebinar.  See the details here: 


One drawback on this is it does not work well with videos with music.  We hope GoTo is working on this issue to defeat the background noise eliminator filter and let us play music. 


Also GoTo crops the webcam image, so you loose about 5 percent of the video image on all four sides.  I get around this by embedding the video in PowerPoint and then stretch the video on that slide to a certain size that will broadcast full size in GoToWebinar.


If you use this method, you can play as many videos as you want.

GoTo Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

GoToWebinar customers can now add up to 20 videos to their webinar.